“As any caregiver of an elderly person knows, dental problems can be a nightmare. So it was with anxiety and concern that I began looking for options when my 90-year-old grandfather’s lost three teeth (attached bridge) quite suddenly one day last week. I called his regular dentist to ask for help, and he advised me that under the circumstances (my grandfather’s advanced age) we should go to Loma Linda, as they are part of a hospital. When I called Loma Linda, they said there were no appointments available — and meanwhile all I could think about was how fatiguing and disruptive it would be for my poor grandfather, who hasn’t even been in a car in well over a year.

I asked everyone I knew (doctors, dentists, and the Visiting Nurse Association) for a recommendation of a visiting dentist. No one knew of one. How could that be? I asked. What do people in my grandfather’s situation do when they need dental care? No one could give me a satisfactory answer, and I began to wonder if people just suffered at home without a good solution, once they can no longer go visit a dentist.

I did find two other services, but neither of them came to Riverside, where we live. I was beginning to despair when my old pal, Google, gave me hope, in the form of a listing for Mobile Dentistry of California. I called right away and a very friendly man answered — turned out it was the dentist himself, Dr. Vijay Jain. (How often does that happen???) He was interested in my grandfather’s situation, he asked good questions, and best of all, he made an appointment to come to our house within a couple of days. I felt like my prayers had been answered.

Dr Jain was even better in person. He and his assistant arrived on time, and were so polite and conscientious to both me and my grandfather. They explained the procedures thoroughly and gave me great confidence in what they were doing. It is obvious that they know how to work with elderly people, which I appreciate. They were able to take X-rays, do a cleaning, take impressions for additions to my grandfather’s upper plate/dentures, and come up with a general plan that worked for us. A few days later, they returned to complete the work (a few extractions, and fitting the new upper plate with added teeth). It went smoothly and I couldn’t believe that the new upper plate was done so quickly, and that it looked so good.

(As an aside, when I was calling around trying to get a working plan, I collected estimates, as well. Dr Jain, who came here for everything, charged LESS than the dentist we would have had to go in to see. His rates are very good.)

My grandfather and I could not be happier with everything about Dr Jain’s service. We will continue to work with him, so that my grandfather can have regular cleanings at home. I only wish I’d known about this Mobile Dentistry sooner. If you are homebound, or if you are a caregiver for someone who is, PLEASE do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Dr Jain right away. He is by far the nicest and most professional dentist I have ever met.”
-Elizabeth G.
Riverside, CA